It's about time

That's all for now

After conceiving the idea in June 2021 and starting the dynamic jukebox service online, we have decided to take the online radio station off-air for the foreseeable future.

This is due to a combination of cost reductions and maintenance issues with the self-hosted service used to run the station.

Thank you to everyone who has ever listened or shared encouragement for the project.

The show still goes on!

The spirit of the idea continues with The Today Show on PCR FM, broadcast every Friday from 9-11pm.

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Interested in the format?

If you're interested in helping getting the format up and running, maybe as part of a service on SSDAB, then do get in touch.


Format and station created by Oliver Needham

Broadcast using AzuraCast on Linode | Imaging by Radio Jingles 24